Hi I'm Hayley!

I'm a #ixdbelfast graduate that loves to create meaningful designs and pleasurable experiences.

iOS app

WRKit app

My final year project. Solving the problem of forgotten physical workout journals with a digital solution.


Technically Heroin

My dissertation essay eBook discussing the debate on whether technology has become as addictive as illegal substances such as heroin.

Game App

Little Wing Pizzeria Game App

Game concept for client Little Wing Pizzeria to promote and increase business, allowing customers to play while they wait for their orders to be served.

Monster Icons


An icon set of monster-like creatures with a promotional webpage describing each character with downloadable backgrounds for a range of devices.

Rebrand for personal trainer

Client Work

Rebranding for a personal trainer who wanted a fresh and modren look to their brand.

Side Projects

Side Projects

A range of side projects from illustration to typeface design and hand-lettering.

A little bit about me...

My journey to designing digital products began when I stumbled into a multimedia design course that focused on web development. It wasn't long before I realised this wasn't my true calling, I wanted to design. I wanted to work with developers to create awesome products, not be one.

I moved into Interaction Design, learning the prinicpals of design, designing for interfaces and testing user experiences, and I knew it was where I belonged. I love that my job involves communicating with users of products and designing solutions that meet their needs. There is nothing more satisfying than getting postivie feedback from users, thanking you for listening to what they asked for.

In my spare time I train as a competitive Crossfitter. There's just something about the community that makes Crossfit so special. I love lifting weights just as much as I love designing for screen, so if your in need of a UX/UI designer - please get in touch!

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